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CrohnoSavvyA recent study reports that patients with inflammatory bowel disease have poor knowledge of their illness. Do you do any better? Our quiz is adapted from the same test used in the study.

The study was was headlined, “IBD patients have poor disease related knowledge regardless of education level“, but it was conducted in Chile and so might not apply to patients everywhere. The study used a test called the Crohn’s & Colitis Knowledge questionnaire (CCKNOW). While a score of 9 out of 20 was typical in this study, other countries report median scores from 4 to 13. More knowledge of the disease has benefits for self-care, but is also associated with higher anxiety.

The quiz below is adapted from the CCKNOW; the full questionnaire has 30 questions, but this quiz only has ten. I am grateful to Dr. Jayne Eaden, the lead author of the CCKNOW, for providing the correct answers.

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Welcome to your Crohn's And Colitis Knowledge

1) The intestines play an important role in the body but they only work during meal times.

2) Proctitis is:

3) Patients with inflammatory bowel disease are probably cured if they have been symptom free for 3 years.

4) During a flare-up of inflammatory bowel disease:

5) Which of the following statements is false?

6) Male patients who take sulphasalizine:

7) The length of the small bowel is approximately:

8) Which one of the following statements about screening is false? Colon cancer screening should be offered to all patients with ulcerative colitis:

9) Which of the following is not a common symptom of inflammatory bowel disease?

10) If a child has inflammatory bowel disease, he/she probably will not:

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2 thoughts on “Test Your IBD Savvy

  1. Wish they’s consult knowledgeable patients what is important and what is not. Amazingly, I got the male fertility answer right. I wonder if any of us heard the answer to any of these questions in our doctor’s visits.

  2. The answer to the question about the length of the small bowel is incorrect. According to every other source I have referenced it is approximately 20 ft. The quiz states that it is 12.

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