Celebrities… Just Like Us (They Have IBD)

CrohnoCelebsAs more and more people are open about their struggle with IBD, even famous people are joining in. It’s great to see actors, singers, and other famous people being frank about the disease and helping break the stigma. In the last couple of months, we saw these stories:

  • Irish magician Dynamo discussed his diagnosis in an interview titled “Magic Won’t Cure Me.” For those us with the disease, he advises:

    If you’ve got Crohn’s then you just have to get on with it, deal with the negative things that come with it, and not let it change the happiness in your life. You can’t help it; it’s what it is.

  • Actor Kevin Baumann – ‘Ben’ from the ABC show, “The Secret Life of An American Teen”, talked about his diagnosis, surgery, and adjustment with Healthline. Talking about his decision to be open about the illness, he pointed to people who don’t have the money or support he has: So I thought that the only ethical use of my time, once I started recovering, was to try and make people feel better…

    At the very least I think that people should attempt to not be ashamed of it, because it’s a waste of time; and it’s such a waste of energy to be fretting about something that you can’t move or shake.

  • Miss Rodeo South Dakota, Mikayla Sich, was diagnosed with Crohn’s while in college. She plans to use her role to promote “confidence and self-worth for girls as well as being fearless when it comes to being who you really are.”
  • Actor Benjamin King, a star of the Disney show “Liv & Maddie”, talked about his diagnosis with NIH Medline Plus magazine  Of his decision to open up, he says, “this is a disease that carries with it great personal embarrassment and shame.

    I hear of so many people, friends, family who are being diagnosed, that I have to wonder how many suffer in silence. How many more are there who really need help but aren’t getting it?

Thanks to each of these people for being brave and refusing to suffer in silence.

Photo “Red Carpet” by Flickr User Alan Light  used under CC license.

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