About Crohnology

Crohnology.com is a project with one ultimate goal: to build a patient-centered information sharing network for people with chronic medical conditions. We envision a world in which every patient can instantly tap into the knowledge and experiences of every other, so that every patient can learn how well treatments have worked for others, whether they are alternative, experimental, or prescription.

People with medical conditions walk around generating an incredible amount of data about their health every second of every day, but we just let that data disappear. We don’t know how well most treatments actually work in the wild. Crohnology allow patients to collaborate, share health and treatment information with each other, and track and share their health. Patients learn from each other’s experiences in a massively scalable way. This turns the traditional medical model on its head. We think this is a better model for medicine for patients living with chronic conditions.

Currently, Crohnology is open to patients with inflammatory bowel disease — Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis. If you have inflammatory bowel disease please join our community today.

About the Crohnology blog

The Crohnology blog is the smart and skeptical voice of IBD – open-minded, but ready to question everything. We hold personal experience with the disease above what others tell us — yes, including doctors, relatives, and the Internet at large. We recognize major flaws in what our healthcare system knows about our disease, and survive by discovering what works for us. We thrive by building a patient knowledge community to connect patients to share and learn from each other. This blog is the voice of that community.

If you would like to guest post for us, please see our page on guest posting for the Crohnology blog.


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