Guest Posting for the Crohnology blog

We welcome guest posts by patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Posts can be on any subject, and should be about 500 words long and include at least one good picture.

We encourage you to focus on the most interesting slice of your experience with the disease. Stories about how you were diagnosed are not that interesting to most Crohnology readers (because we all went through some version of the process, too!). Some ideas for good posts include:

  • An unusual/experimental treatment or diet you have tried, and your results (good, bad, other)
  • Your experience participating in a clinical trial
  • An embarrassing or difficult moment with the disease
  • An especially scary hospital stay
  • A challenging surgery complication
  • A difficult change you have had to make in your life
  • How you see yourself as a person with a chronic illness
  • How other people don’t see you clearly as a person with a chronic illness

We can’t do posts that are really advertisements, including those for charitable organizations. So, for example, we won’t run a post about an upcoming walk-a-thon, but we will run a post about something interesting or funny that happened during the walk-a-thon.

If you have a book, movie, CD, or other media product by an artist with IBD, or about IBD generally, we would be happy to share an excerpt (but not a trailer) with our audience. Or, if you would like us to review it, you can arrange to send us a copy.

Whatever you send us, we may ask you to revise it, or we may suggest specific changes. We won’t run anything that we are not satisfied with, but we really do want to help fellow patients tell their story.

We do not pay for guest posts (nor do we accept pay from guest posters). You retain rights to anything you send us, although the Crohnology blog in general is published under a Creative Commons NC-SA License. That means it might be shared elsewhere, but we expect it to be properly attributed and we don’t allow your work to be used commercially.

To submit a post or ask a question, please email